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Catering Specialist
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or rather, the office
We all love a good breakfast, especially when it’s at the office giving us a break from the mundane. An excuse to eat those delicious early morning items that we crave yet never seem to find the time to indulge in.
Why cater breakfast?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in the corporate or company environment maybe more so than at home because it sets the tone for the rest of the day in the office. Think about how you felt last time you came into work and there was breakfast waiting for you in the meeting room.

All the baggage you brought in with you gets discarded, immediately, if only temporarily. A smile comes to your face, with thoughts of coffee accompanied by hopefully one of your favorite breakfast treats. Be it a muffin, donuts, fresh fruit already cut up and ready to eat, orange juice… whatever. You feel good confident the day will be a good one.

From the company’s point of view, breakfast is an inexpensive meal that goes far to improve an employee’s moral, almost ensuring a more productive day. They know that providing for the staff comes back exponentially in higher energy, more alertness and better results in what gets accomplished.
Of course, a buffet… what else?
Not to diminish the pleasure of a sit-down full-service breakfast, but, nine out of ten times a catered breakfast means a buffet of some sort. The fare offered can run the gauntlet from a selection of muffins, fresh fruit and cereal boxes to a full-fledged hot selection of overloaded chafing dishes replete with an omelet station, Eggs Benedict, crispy bacon, sausage links, pancakes, hash brown potatoes… the list goes on. Add to that a beverage line with coffee varieties, hot tea selections, a variety of chilled juices and all needs are addressed and taken care of.

Besides, catering a buffet breakfast makes good sense for many reasons. As mentioned above it is always a pick-me-up for employees coming in and seeing something special just for them, it’s is out of the ordinary and appreciated. Everyone loves free food, no matter the circumstances and especially when it’s all you can eat. Spending time eating at work means you doing less work that day, i.e., the time it takes to eat usually means a meeting or training of some sort which is another deviation from your daily work routine. The simple fact that their productivity is at a much higher level most often escapes them until the end of the day. The last reason is that buffets are simpler to set up and break down meaning that the office environment is not disturbed too much
Okay, you talked me into it, what do I serve for breakfast?
What you choose to offer your employees, sometimes clients, for breakfast depends on the circumstances for it being offered, available space, your budget, and the length of time the food and beverages need to be available.

If breakfast is meant as a quick morning snack with coffee, before getting down to business, then you would have your caterer provide the basics. This category would possibly include croissants, muffins, a small Danish or sticky bun selection, fresh peeled and ready to eat fruit, coffee, juice, milk… maybe a selection of cereal boxes.

If you wanted to provide a more substantial fare the above could easily be augmented by adding any or all the following: a hot cereal such as oatmeal, peeled hard boiled eggs, a platter of sliced ham and cheese, a toaster, pop tarts with maple syrup, a selection of sliced bread, bagels, English muffins, butter and jellies. Still quick, still inexpensive and nutritious…but a little fancier. Each incremental step up is made by simple additions of more hot food such as pancakes, sausage links or patties, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and so forth.

Do you want to kick it up a notch? Maybe cover breakfast and lunch? This is where you begin to bring in the big guns: replace the sliced ham and cheese with a larger and more varied assortment of cold cuts and cheeses, sliced Nova Scotia lox, cream cheese, sliced red onions, crudités with dips, a selection of whole fruit such as oranges, bananas, and whatever is seasonally available.Providing soda pop, even for breakfast is always a good idea for the caffeine needed to get thru a long day at the office.

In closing, what you provide depends on your budget, time available, space, and of course the reason for offering it. Be assured that whatever it is your employees will be grateful and be more productive if they don’t over indulge.
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